About Us

Texas Institute of Science (TxIS) is the first true "just-in-time" full-service engineering services organization in the industry. TxIS actively manages more than 18,000 technologists and 800 test laboratories around the world through its 10 offices, providing a dynamic, real time service model.

Utilizing their unique business model, TxIS provides:

  • Services for small and medium sized clients by providing research development, testing, and consulting management capacity, that up until now was possible only in large companies;
  • Services for industry leaders by providing temporarily missing or unavailable expertise and/or test laboratory capacity;
  • Services for projects of all sizes - we welcome small, one-month long programs, or large, complex, multiple phase projects taking years to complete

TxIS truly augments the needs of its clients, and in doing so, provides the client with increased technological expertise and a highly competitive edge.


Texas Institute of Science (TxIS) started in 2006 via the acquisition of Gamma Group, a high-tech consulting firm with a decade of experience, and an extensive professional network within Eastern universities, research institutes, and test facilities. The success of TxIS is due in part to its excellent reputation in Eastern academia, and its wide range of unmatched science and technology experts. Well known as a valued resource in the global oil, gas, and energy sectors, TxIS welcomes projects in other technological fields as well.

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