Information Security

  • All participating universities and research institutes sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreements with TxIS at Vice Dean, Dean, or Vice Rector level.
  • Universities appreciate the stable source of income and projects from TxIS. They would not jeopardize this situation, even if they were capable of selling the information, which, they are not.
  • TxIS operates with problems "outgoing" from the U.S, and solutions "incoming" to the U.S. TxIS clients are therefore not in danger of "losing" Patents or confidential expertise.
  • Projects are generally distributed among several entities where each entity handles one portion of the project.
  • TxIS works on programs known only to the Client's CEO and CTO on a regular basis. U.S. companies are more concerned about internal leakage than TxIS's resources and network.
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