Global Research Alliance (GRA)

TxIS is the first organization fully utilizing global resources by integrating and managing their expertise into day-to-day operations, providing both TxIS and clients unparalleled advantages.

About the GRA

  • The TxIS Global Research Alliance (GRA) consists of more than 18,000 technologists, working in more than 200 universities and research institutes, in 2,000 facilities and departments. Locations of GRA participants include the former Eastern Bloc countries, Baltic States, Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Siberia), Ukraine, Turkey, and Greece. A wide spectrum of technologists comprises the TxIS Global Research Alliance (GRA. For example, lab technicians, engineers, developers, analysts, subject matter experts, researchers, Ph.D. graduates, and professors.
  • The best minds in the required field are chosen to work on each specific project.
  • TxIS have the ability to conduct multiple parallel investigations on a given project.
  • The GRA provides flexibility to TxIS and its clients by providing expertise for projects ranging between one month and several years in length. Payment is rendered by client only for hours worked.
  • All TxIS relationships are at the university (or institute) level, and agreements are signed by the Vice Dean, Dean or Vice Rector. As a result, the legally required chain of non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements between clients and providers remains intact throughout the process. Signatures are not required from individual technologists.
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