Project Flow Chart

Texas Institute of Science offers a transparent, cooperative, and secure project flow-chart to clients.


  • Sign Mutual NDA
  • Obtain Product Description from Client
  • Define Objectives
  • Discipline Based Global Search for Most Experience Technologists
  • Assemble Team
  • Modify Composition of Team with Client
  • Organize Teleconferences with Client and Technologists
  • Execute Scope of Work consisting of Objectives, Deliverables, Time-Line, Milestones, and Financing to be Signed by Client and TxIS
  • Hold Project Kick-Off Meeting

Note: Contracts are signed between TxIS and Clients, and between TxIS and participating technology centers. All contracts are signed at institute leadership level; contracts therefore do not require signatures of individual technologists.



  • Teleconferences and/or In-Person Meetings as Required or Requested
  • Weekly Status Reports
  • Client Participation Encouraged


  • All IP Rights Owned By Client (U.S. Bayh-Dole Act does not apply to Eastern Technology Resources)
  • All Publication Rights Belong to Client
  • Client Chooses extent TxIS Involvement is Disclosed



TxIS receives projects with various starting points, ranging from "we have an idea (or problem) and need a solution" to "we have a new device; we need you to test it". Approximately 80% of TxIS projects involve the invention or development of a new method or technology, in which case, TxIS identifies and presents several potential solutions. As a matter of contractual arrangement, TxIS - at no additional cost - will give the IP rights to the client on solutions developed to a prototype stage. The client may choose to purchase the IP rights of those solutions TxIS was not contracted to take to "prototype" stage.

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