Texas Institute of Science (TxIS) was founded in 2007 with the concept of providing R&D services to the oil/gas industry, utilizing its Global Research Alliance of 2,000+ university faculties and departments.

Talk about heavy lifting!

We came to an industry famous for its "Good Ol' Boys' Club" mentality; our concept represented the polar opposite of what they had practiced throughout the last century. The "hire everyone we need," and "hold your cards (e.g. innovations, new technologies) as close to your chest as possible" modus operandi used to be the norm and for a very good reason. There are few industries with higher stakes than this one.

Then TxIS came with its "great idea" of "give us your R&D problem, we will segment it, organize a coherent, world class group around it (participated by people covering 9-10 time zones), and manage the program to its successful conclusion." The concept was not immediately understood ... to put it mildly. ... Up until one of our Clients strongly recommended that we become a member of an organization called National Ocean Industries Association, or NOIA.

We became a NOIA member in 2010, and life has changed! NOIA proved to be everything we were hoping for and then some.
  • Their leadership and their organization is the kindest, most professional and most accommodating group we have ever had the pleasure working with.
  • NOIA's membership fee is more than reasonable and represents a fraction of the value a member can gain.
  • At our first NOIA meeting, we were warmly received and treated extremely well.
  • Since then we have become an accepted member of the industry.
  • We do enjoy the information flow, the "being in the know," which has become the guidance for our strategy.
  • And yes, attending meetings, being connected, receiving information, being "in the Club," tremendously helped our bottom line.

Your company can be small or large, directly or remotely connected to the industry NOIA represents, can be a tool, chemical material, software or service supplier; if you want to be "part of the game," your place is with NOIA.

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